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Weightlifting Stats Update (5/17/08)

Alright, so the date for my goal has come and passed. How did I do?

  • “Be able to parallel squat 275 for 15 repetitions” - Not even close. I was banking on my squat progress being much faster than it actually was. I can bang out 240 pounds for 8 or 9 repetitions nowadays, which I still consider to be a relatively strong improvement. Squats are just so ridiculously challenging sometimes…
  • “Weigh in at 170 pounds.” - I’m at about 165-168 pounds nowadays, depending on the time of day, etc. I’m in a bulking phase right now, so although I would like to gain as little fat as possible, caloric excess is required for muscular gain, and so in some cases it can’t really be helped. Have to address that in the cutting phase instead.
  • “Be able to close the Captains of Crush No. 1 Gripper 8 times (I currently am working with the CoC Trainer gripper + CoC Expand Your Hand Bands, which I will review in a post at a later date.)” - I have a relatively easy time now with the CoC Trainer Gripper, but I simply haven’t ordered the Captains of Crush No. 1 gripper yet - I will get that taken care of in the coming weeks.
  • “Weighted chin-ups with 45 lbs, at least 15 repetitions.” - I can do this. It is a bit challenging, but doable for me at this state.

So that about wraps up my goal analysis. Summer just began for me a few weeks ago, so I will be crafting a new set of goals, which I will be posting about in a few days.

I’m excited about this summer - it will be a time of massive positive personal change in many ways.

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