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Working Back Up To My Previous Bests

Unfortunately, with me getting hit with sickness a few days ago as well as getting hit with a truckload of schoolwork, I’ve taken a forced 10 day hiatus from lifting weights. I’ve gotten two workouts in since then, and feel great. Just getting back into the motions of the gym, and I feel like I’ve still got most of my strength intact.

My last two recovery workouts have consisted of doing squats, bench, and deadlift at about 80% and 85% of what I have been doing for repetitions before. At this rate, I’ll be back to where I used to be soon.

Really, there are few things in life as satisfying as finishing a challenging workout. I’ve missed the feeling immensely. It’s time to get back in the gym and crush my goals.

2 Responses to “Working Back Up To My Previous Bests”

  1. Devote one set of each exercise during your next workout to this and I promise you will feel better pumps and be more sore the next day:

    Before you perform each exercise, flex the muscle you intend to work before engaging it. For example, if you are about to bench press, lie down on the bench, unrack the bar and lower it to your chest, flex your chest muscles, then press the weight up. You want to do this for every rep, flexing before you push the weight back up.

    It helps build a pump and also creates a good mind-body connection with your muscle groups.

    Let me know how it goes on my blog!

    Clayton Garland, PGA, C.G.F.I.

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