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Starting This Summer At 159

I just went and weighed myself - I’m 159 lbs. So I need about 16 lbs of weight gain by around the third week of August, or a little over a pound a week. According to various internet sources, a pound of bodyweight translates to around 3500 calories. That means I need to go over my basal metabolic rate by around 500-600 calories a day. That’s my main problem right now.

I haven’t been eating anywhere near what I need to eat to gain that kind of weight. I need to start eating more frequently, and in greater quantities. That wouldn’t be such a problem if I wasn’t one of the slowest eaters of all time (can’t spend my entire day eating). This summer I’m going to step up my eating game and make a serious effort faster.

The workouts are going decently. I’m still adding on weight every workout, and I feel absolutely amazing after getting one done. I’m taking it a bit slower and making sure my form is picture perfect before I really starting ramping the weights up.

I’ll update with my actual workout plans (with poundages) later this week.

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