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Approaching My Old Lifts

Sidenote: So the gym I workout at is generally a fairly laid back gym. Most people go there to do cardio and maybe use a machine or two. It’s quite rare that you see anyone using the squat rack for anything other than bench. Today, when I was working out, I saw a guy there benching 325 for reps. I think that’s a new record in our gym.

When I was in high school (freshman or sophomore), I remember one of the varsity football players coming in and pressing 95 lb dumbbells on the bench. I used to think that was unattainable, but I’m already up to 90 lb dumbbells and going strong. Should be able to finally conquer the 100 lb dumbbells soon.

As for lifting, I’m slowly but surely getting back to where I used to be. I did the squat/press/deadlift day of my workout today.

Squats I came in at around 195 for 3 sets of 5. I’m still working on proper form for those. I don’t quite have the “bounce up” from the bottom of the squat down. I did 3 sets of military press with 55lb dumbbells today because another guy was using the rack to do bench. Felt decent, nothing too challenging. And for deadlifts, I did my standard warmup routine and then a set at 220 lbs, 5 reps with no problems.

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  1. Phil says:

    Since how long have you been trying to reach 95 lbs and at what weight did you start? I mean to ask the amount of time you stay at one set of weights before moving on.

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